Thursday, April 21, 2011

There's No Place Like OM

Today I found out this beautiful treasury on Etsy included my Sandalwood and Pearl wrist mala. What a great theme title!
Many thanks to the curator of this thoughtful collection, BlissWorksStudio!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's Eating You? OSHO "Meditations for Busy People"

Osho was asked a question regarding speediness during one of his talks. 
"Even when there is no need to, I often hurry when I am doing things, especially eating."
His response:
Something is eating you: some deep worry is inside that creates hurry; some deep tension, which does not allow you to relax.

What you can do about it:
"The next time you are eating something, watch what is eating you. When you are hurrying, just watch. Are you escaping from somewhere? Are you trying to avoid some situation? Are you trying not to see something that is there inside you? Are you trying to suppress something? Is there some worry, and you don’t even want to accept that it is there? Is there some wound that you are hiding in flowers? Watch deep down. All people who are in a hurry simply show that they are carrying some deep worry, and they are not even courageous enough to face it. Bring it up, let it surface. Encounter it, and you will be simply surprised.

If you can encounter any problem face to face, directly, it disappears.

In the inner world, to know what a problem is, to know exactly what it is, to diagnose it, is to treat it. There is no other medicine in the inner world. A problem only exists if you go on suppressing it. If you don’t allow it to be confronted, it exists. And people go on piling up many problems, and then they are always in a hurry. In their hurry they are trying to evade; because if they rest, sit down, they will have to face them.

So they are constantly in a hurry, running, doing this and that."

....I was actually looking for a meditation to help a friend of mine when I came across this bit of wisdom from Osho.  If you go to his official website, there is a great section about meditation and some of Osho's techniques described in detail.

People can say what they want about Osho, but I don't think anyone will ever truly be able to define the man that existed. He's not a philosophy, or a religion. Just a man that knew what's up with the world!

I am guilty of rushing. Before I have even finished a meal I will already be mentally preparing for what my next intended task is. My brain keeps jumping ahead of what I'm actually doing at the moment and I end up doing the current task poorly. I have always struggled with anxiety, worry is huge part of it. I know there is something deep-rooted that is bothering me. As soon as I find out, maybe I can face it head on and start the healing process.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mala Mala Mala

Happy to be included in this treasury today, curated with all lovely malas.
I've been missing on the blog for a while but I haven't forgotten about it. Winter has taken an awful toll on my psyche, but I am working through it. 

I was fortunate to find a nice yoga studio to practice with recently, thanks to an old friend. I've been doing a home practice for years now, but I feel I need more guidance. It's nice to share a practice, offer up your energy and allow others' energy to help you get through the tougher parts. 

I am on a quest to create more balance in my life! Ideally this would result in even more beautiful creations for the world to enjoy. Let's hope!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LOL Moment

One of HeatherKent's beautiful handpainted pendants was on the front page of Etsy today.
I went exploring in her shop and became enamored with this foxy little piece:
The next thing that caught my attention, besides the photograph, was this portion of the item description:
"Are you sick of being kicked out of art museums for drooling on the paintings? Become a walking work of art: Each pendant is a unique, signed original watercolor painting...."

Pause. Chuckle. Giggle!

Yes, that is totally my problem; how did you know?!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smokin' Red Earrings

Finally made it to a bead show near Louisville and refreshed my supply of pretty rocks!  I also picked up some nice Bali silver beadcaps, too, seen here. 

I don't work with Czech crystal too much, but these huge sparkly grey beads really attracted me. The holidays are here and people need their sparklies.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fox, Crow and Mistletoe

What an adorable art find!
Fox, Crow and Mistletoe by nativevermont

I recently developed an appreciation for giclee prints, and this is a perfect example of one I would actually hang in my home. Aside from a few framed photos, I don't have any artwork. It's not that I don't love art.... I guess I just never outgrew those school days when posters and homemade collages could simply be taped to the wall.

I've been tempted by many pieces since my involvement at Revelry Gallery, but I still haven't brought one home. I'm going to work on changing that!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Louisville Blog Mention

I got a nice message yesterday from the folks at DIY Louisville,
a new alternative craft group here in town.

They mentioned my Rosewood Wrist Mala in a holiday gift guide 
post on their blog.

Revelry Boutique is also mentioned as a local shop to find 
handmade gifts.
That's so cool!